Google Drive Rumors

Today we can find several signs that Google Drive is arriving in the next weeks. I'v found some hints about Google Drive on in a javascript file:

cg="My Google Drive"
lma="Remove from My Google Drive"
qma="Restore to My Google Drive"
lba=" items haved been removed from your Google Drive."
Uba='" has been added to your Google Drive.'
gha="Add to My Google Drive"

Last week some on Hacker News pointed to a Issue from the Chromium Project:

Unified Diff: net/base/

EXPECT_TRUE(state->IsEnabledForHost(&domain_state, "", true));  EXPECT_TRUE(state->IsEnabledForHost(&domain_state, "", true));+ EXPECT_TRUE(state->IsEnabledForHost(&domain_state, "", true));  EXPECT_TRUE(state->IsEnabledForHost(&domain_state, "", true));

Google Storage for Developers is already in Labs-state and looks like a Drive for Developers and has quiet interesting feratures.

Fast, scalable, highly available object store

  • All data replicated to multiple data centers
  • Read-your-writes data consistency
  • Objects can be terabytes in size, with resumable uploads and downloads, and range-GET support
  • Domain-scoped bucket namespace

Easy, flexible, authentication and sharing

  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • Authenticated downloads from a web browser
  • Individual-, project-, and group-level access controls

But I think Google Drive will be integrated into the existing Google Docs and we will see some desktop applications to synchronize local disks with Google.