Google's "0x0A List"

I'm very excited, because the Google Security Team has launched new Application Security pages, including a new Hall of Fame called 0x0A list.


Now all related security informations are bundled to a central page.

The table below lists the top 10 superstar perform,er since Google launched the vulnerability reward program back in November 2010. Here is the initial list from the 1th October 2012, completed with an additional link to the twitter profile and the origin of these guys.I'm very happy to see my name on top after >250 submissions. Thank you so much Google and congratulation to all people on the list.

0x01Nils Juenemann Germany
0x02Szymon Gruszecki
0x03Masato KinugawaJapan
0x04Christian MatthiesGermany
0x05Nir Goldshlagerhttp://www.nirgoldshlager.comIsrael
0x06James "albino" Kettleskeletonscribe.netEngland
0x07Joao Lucas Melo BrasioWhite Hat Hackers Consultoria de Segurança da Informação LTDA (Brazil)Brazil
0x08Sergey MarkovRussia
0x09Neal Poole
0x0AChristian LiebigGermany

Google said that the ranking is influenced by volume, severity, recency and charity.